argithea winery

  • At 30 meters from the entrance of the property is the picturesque chapel of Panagia Misosporitisa, where the mystery of marriage or christening can be performed in a unique environment.

  • Collaboration with branded Caterings to plan together the menu that expresses you.

  • Large illuminated bar ready to serve your guests both during their arrival and after their meal.

  • The stylish swimming pool and the unlimited view create a unique atmosphere in the reception area.

  • Sound installation and lighting coverage ,complete technical equipment and disco lights over the dancefloor.

  • Organized valet parking carried out  by  experienced drivers.

  • Electrical installation with a generator for protection in the event of a power failure and the presence of a technician responsible during the reception.

  • Suite that can be used by the couple during the reception for freshen up.

  • Guaranteed suggestions  for decorating and for a perfect result.

  • WC staff throughout the reception.


A place worth visiting